Welcome to the Cobb County Photographic Society (CPS)

Club History. The Cobb Photographic Society was founded in May of 1974 by members of the Lockheed Camera Club who wanted a club where they could also include their family and friends as members.  CPS holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously-operating camera club in the region.

Our Club’s Focus.  CPS provides a supportive environment to become better photographers. We support efforts to expand your photographic talent through competition, education, exhibition, and small group learning opportunities. Not only do new members join a club focused on photographic pursuits, new members also join a family of kindred spirits.

Monthly Meetings. Our monthly meetings are structured to encourage display of photographic work in a competitive environment and to expand knowledge of photographic tools and techniques. The monthly meetings are free and open to the public.

  • Competition Night. Our first meeting of every month is our competition night. Our topics range from common competition topics such as minimalism, leading lines, still life, portraits, symmetry, and many more. Members still learning the art and technology of photography have the option of competing in a novice level. Our competition media of choice are color or monochrome prints.

  • Presentation/Speaker Night. Our second meeting of every month is an evening dedicated to advancing your skill and knowledge. Our speakers range from underwater photography, drone, travel, and creating a business/web presence.

Activities. During the year, we schedule trips to places that offer a chance to better your photographic skills. Examples are: Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Car City, downtown Atlanta, and in 2021, Milky Way Photography.

Exhibitions/Community Recognition.

  • We all need a chance to “strut our stuff”. Every year, members are encouraged to exhibit their works at two civic/art boutique venues in the Atlanta area. 
  • Members who place in our monthly competition (color, monochrome, and novice) have their photos recognized locally in a glossy, color publication and occasionally in local newspapers.

“Hands on Learning”. Four times a year, CPS will conduct hands-on learning with fellow members. The topics range from portraiture to computer applications, such as Lightroom. While the training is free to CPS members, attendees will be asked to cover any extra costs associated with the training, such as, rooms, models, …

Online Photo Challenges. Monthly, given a theme, participating members upload themed photos to a site for self-review and constructive comparisons with fellow members. The competition is friendly and meant to encourage your photographic growth.

North Georgia Shootout. .Annually, CPS joins with up to eight other local clubs to enjoy of jam-packed day of competitive photography. It’s a great opportunity to meet new, like-minded photographers and make new friends. Any fees are covered in your membership.

     – President: Pat Fahey
     – Vice President: Hylos Barrett
     – Secretary: Dee Dee Bonesteel
     – Treasurer: Robert Herman

Committee Chairs.

  • Competition: Laura Prescott
  • Speaker Presentations: Hylos Barrett
  • Mentoring/Learning Workshops: Umit Yuksel
  • Field Trips: Rick Olson
  • Social Media (CPS website, Facebook, Meetup): Mark Chandler


  • CPS Website: Mark Chandler
  • Monthly Photo Challenge: Mark Chandler

Executive Board.

  • President: Pat Fahey
  • Vice President: Hylos Barrett
  • Treasurer: Robert Herman
  • Secretary: Dee Dee Bonesteel
  • Competition Chair: Laura Prescott
  • Programs Chair: Hylos Barrett
  • Social Media Chair: Mark Chandler
  • Mentorship/Learning: Umit Yuksel
  • Exhibitions: Mark Chandler

How do I pay?
*Pay $40 by Check:
Cobb Photographic Society,
c/o Rob Herman
1020 Millridge Lane SE
Marietta, GA 30067-5472

*Pay $40 by Check/Cash:
Monthly CPS meetings (face-2-face)

*Pay $40 by PayPal:

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