Cobb Photographic Society (CPS) is a community of photographers of all skill levels and varied interests. Monthly Competition is the first Monday evening and Programs is the third Monday evening. Currently monthly meetings are held via online Zoom Sessions. Our Zoom Room opens @ 6:45pm.

Next CPS Meetings and Events

Cobb Photographic Society
CPS formed in 1974 in Marietta, Georgia. In 1974,
CPS merged with members of Boeing Photography Club.
Annual Membership Benefits Exhibition Opportunities, Educational Presentations,
Monthly Competitions,
Field Trips & more…
For More CPS Information Thanks for inquiring about the Cobb Photographic Society. For more information, please contact via CPS contact page.


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“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself” oooooo o Alan Watts


“Sometimes I get to places when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter” Ansel Adams

Become A Member

How do I pay? *Pay $40 by Check: Cobb Photographic Society, c/o Rob Herman 1020 Millridge Lane SE Marietta, GA 30067-5472 *Pay $40 by Check/Cash: Monthly CPS meetings (face-2-face) *Pay $40 by PayPal:

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