CPS History

The Cobb Photographic Society was started in 1974 by a small group of photographers who were members of the Lockheed Camera Club. They realized that the Lockheed club was limited to Lockheed employees and they had many photographer friends that were not eligible for membership. This group met and hammered out the details of forming a new club. The charter members of the club were Riley Blackmarr, John Brooks, Leo Burgess, Carter Darnell, Guy Marlow, Russ Legeikis and Charlie Zatsick. Since the beginning, officers and members of CPS have provided excellent technical and educational programs as well as a competition forum where members could see there work judged alongside their peers.


(Pictured above are charter members Carter Darnell, John Brooks, Leo Burgess, Guy Marlow, and Charlie Zatsick receiving their 30 year service awards in December 2005)

Established in May of 1974, the Cobb Photographic Society celebrated its' 35th anniversary in 2009 and continues to grow. The CPS invites you to visit with us and meet our members. Made up of a mixture of novice, amateur, advanced amateur, professional and retired professional photographers, the club is sure to give you the opportunity to meet fellow photographers and opportunities to learn and improve your skills.

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