Cobb Photo Competition Rules (updated 1/17)

Eligibility: Only Cobb Photo Society members in good standing are eligible to compete in regular club competitions. Dues must be current to enter.

Competition: A competition shall be held when there are at least three entries from at least two members. Competition mediums are Color and Black and White prints.

Novice Division: is recommended for those that are new to photography, but open to any member except those that, by the rules must be in Standard competitions. Novice does not necessarily mean new to the club but members who are still learning to use their camera, working on getting off the automatic settings, and learning how to work with photography processing programs. New members are expected to honestly self-assess themselves and may talk with the membership or competitions manager to determine the appropriate level to compete.  (Standard competitions are for any member who is comfortable using their camera in manual mode and understands the basics of composition. Standard competitions are also for any member who has been promoted from Novice, or who has consistently placed images in competitions at this level outside of the club.) The Novice Division is meant to encourage new members, point & shoot users and members who are beginner photographers to compete, receive constructive criticism and hone their skills. This will allow a new member or beginner photographer the chance to develop their skills and compete in our monthly competitions at a level that may be more comfortable to them. Members in good standing who have not received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place ribbon in the past 2 years may choose to enter the Novice Division. It is not necessary to start entering competitions in the Novice division. Whether you start here is entirely up to you. Once a member decides to enter the novice division, they will only be allowed to submit entries to that division until they advance or choose to move up to the standard competitions. Once you have advanced to the Standard competitions, you may no longer continue to enter in the novice division. At the end of the year, the top 3 point earners in the Novice Division will be required to move to the Standard competition level.  Novice topics will be the same as the regular topics, however, Color and Black & White will be combined into a single category and a novice will only be allowed to submit two entries total of any medium. If there are an insufficient number of entrants in the Novice divisions, the entries may be combined with the Standard Competition Entries

Entries: Each member may enter up to two entries per medium. Images that have won a First, Second, Third or HM place in regular competitions are not eligible for reentry in any form, except for Second Chance (if held). All images used for competition must be taken within two years of the competition date. Every aspect of the image must be taken by the member submitting the image with a Camera/photo device.

Print Presentation: Each entrant must label each entry with her/his name and address, and if entered into Novice competition, clearly state “Novice”. Arrows must be placed to show correct orientation for viewing. Prints may be permanently mounted on photographic-type mount board, flush or with a border, or a single mat overlay may be used. Mat color can only be black or white. No double matting or double mounting is acceptable. The mounting and overlay, if used, must be the same color. No form of decoration may be used, i.e., decorative scrolling on mats. Prints shall not be signed or titled on the front. Maximum print size, including mount board, shall not exceed 16”x 24”. Minimum “print” size cannot be smaller than 4” x 6”. The combined thickness of mount and print shall not exceed 1/4”. Frames, glass, plastic overwraps and the like are not allowed.

Judging: Entries must meet the theme of the competition category and description. Entries will be accepted between 6:30 and 6:55pm for judging. Members do not have to be present as long as arrangements are made for turn in and pickup of entries. The club will not be responsible for entries left behind. All prints will be judged with a point system. Judges will view and judge prints displayed together. Judges will choose a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM place in each of Color, Black & White, and Novice categories.

Awards: Points will be awarded on the following basis:

       First Place 5 points

       Second Place 4 points

       Third Place 3 points

       (2) Honorable Mention 2 points **

       Entry in a category 1 point

Points earned accumulate toward the 'Photographer of the Year' annual awards. Points also will accumulate and be tabulated for winners in the 'Photographer of the Year - Color Print', 'Photographer of the Year--Black & White Print' and ‘Novice Photographer of the Year’. Points will stay in the medium where they are accumulated and cannot cross media. ** An additional Honorable Mention Ribbon will be awarded for every 10 entries entered over 40. Example: If 52 entries are entered, 1 additional Honorable Mention Ribbon will be awarded; 55 entries are entered, 2 additional Honorable Mention Ribbons will be awarded and so on. This will keep the awards around 10% of entries entered.

Second Chance Competition
The Second Chance Competition is open to entries that won a 2nd, 3rd or HM placement, including Novice entries, during the current year. This gives entries a “second chance” to win a first place and become eligible for the 'Best of the Year' Competition which is open only to those entries which won a first place. Members are limited to 3 entries per medium. No points are earned in this competition as entries have already been judged once. This is simply a second chance for first place. 

Best of the Year
All first place winning entries, including Novice entries, are eligible to compete in this competition held in December. It must be the same print which won during the year. It cannot be reprinted. Photographer of the Year points are not earned in the Best of the Year Contest.


Members are asked not to discuss entries with the judge during competition. Please allow the competition chairperson to respond to any queries the judge might have about a particular entry. Members are asked to give the judge all courtesy during his/her judging and refrain from comments that might alter his/her judging or distract his/her attention. Members are asked to refrain from talking, even to the person sitting or standing next to you, during the actual judging process. Members are also asked NOT to pick up or handle any of the prints and NOT to have food or drink near any of the prints.

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